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  • Due to long standing experience in project management gained by the team members on European and Polish market CCM competes with other international players in Project and Cost Management. 

  • The Project Management team offers our clients the technical knowledge in Project and Cost Management and development Project Monitoring 

  • Our consultant services comprises commercial and residential developments in Warsaw as well as in the other parts of Poland. 

  • Our aim is to deliver to our clients the best quality professional service based on our knowledge, experience and technical expertise, 

  • Our mission is to manage all aspects of the building development right from the design concept, through assessing the budget, time Schedule, tender process, construction works till the completion on site with final accounts of the development. 

  • We achieve our results through:

    • 1.Employment of professional consultants with right experience and knowledge for the particular project,

    • 2.defying the precise time schedule,

    • 3.preparation of a risk analysis and

    • 4.professional management on site.

    • 5.Value engineering before the construction process,

    • 6.Inventive and flexible approach to solving issues during construction period. 










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