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We are on the market since July 2009.


We have a wide and great experience in the building industry: in design and project management. The members of the team have a long international experience in design, supervision of projects, building works on site, cost control and cost analysis not only in Poland but also in Great Britain, Vietnam and Hong Kong.


We offer a range of services including interior design and operate across a number of fields including residential, mixed-use, commercial, education, community and healthcare. Multidisciplinary experience of our team members allows us lead the project from the design through all stages of the development till the final completion.  The Members of the Team have Polish and English licences regulated by IARP and ARB Institutes.  Working together with various contractors and subcontractors or to supervise them on site on behalf of the client allows us to control and complete the project without unnecessary conflicts and to finish on the agreed time.




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